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What is breast surgery?

There are several variations of breast surgeries designed to help women just like you find renewed confidence in their self-image. Dr. Rubis has been performing a wide variety of breast surgery procedures for over two decades and he’s here to help you move forward confidently toward the ideal version of yourself. 

The breast surgeries that Dr. Rubis performs include:

Breast Augmentations- a procedure that uses breast implant insertions to restore volume and enhance the shape of your natural breasts.

Breast lifts- a procedure that raises the breasts by removing excess skin around the area and tightening surrounding tissue. This procedure helps to reshape and support your breasts’ new contour.

Breast Reductions- a procedure used to reduce the size of breasts  by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin in order to reshape your breast into a size more proportionate for your body type.

Corrective Breast Surgery- There are a number of corrective breast procedures Dr. Rubis performs that include symmastia, asymmetry, double bubble, bottoming out, capsular contracture, and congenital abnormalities

Breast Explant Surgery- a procedure used to remove breast implants due to personal preference or a medical condition that has arisen as a result of the implants.

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