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Your Initial Visit

When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Brent Rubis, we will provide you with registration paperwork including a thorough medical history that can be brought with you to your appointment. Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you if you desire. We will call to confirm your appointment a day or two prior. Please let us know if your appointment time doesn’t work for you in advance, so we can open that time up for patients on our waiting list.

Dr. Rubis really feels it is important and enjoys spending quality time educating his patients on their initial consultation. Approximately 1 hour will be scheduled for you to spend with Dr. Rubis. During the consultation, your medical history will be reviewed, and the area or areas you are interested in addressing will be examined to help determine what procedures you are a good candidate for, as well as what procedures would be best for you to achieve your aesthetic goals. Sometimes more than one procedure may be an option for you. All options will be presented, allowing you to participate in what procedure you feel is best for you. We work hard to make this exam as comfortable and discreet as possible.

Dr. Rubis will then discuss in detail your surgical plan including how your procedure(s)will be performed, potential risks associated with each procedure, what expectations you should have from your procedures, pros and cons of different surgical devices such as saline and silicone breast implants, as well as what your recovery process will entail. If you are visiting us for breast augmentation, we will also spend time trying on different size breast implants so you can determine what size is appropriate for you. We do recommend wearing or bringing a form fitting top to try on with the implants to aid you in your decision.

You should never feel rushed in our office. Our office staff works very hard to make sure our schedule runs efficiently and on time. We typically do not have a long wait in our office for your appointment. We schedule our appointment times appropriately, without over booking, therefore we do ask for our patients to be on time to their appointments. Every patient is treated individually at every appointment, and sometimes, although rare, emergencies can occur delaying our schedule. If this occurs, we will work diligently to get back on schedule as quickly, as possible. We want to provide you with very individualized and personal care, answering all questions you may have at every appointment you share with us.

We feel our clients shouldn’t be pressured into scheduling procedures at the time of their consultation. We are happy to schedule if you feel you are ready, but if you feel you need more time to go home, discuss, and contemplate your decision, we will be happy to assist you whenever you are ready.

When you become one of our patients, you become part of our family. We will be available to you 24/7 to meet your every need during your journey and transformation. We believe in quality over quantity of care.

Before Surgery

Before your surgery, approximately one to two weeks, we will see you in our office for a preoperative appointment. During this visit, preoperative tests will be completed if necessary. Detailed preoperative instructions will be provided, specific to your procedure(s). Consent forms will be discussed, preoperative photos will be taken for your file, and prescriptions will be provided. Your initial follow up appointment after your procedure will be scheduled. A thorough history and physical will be performed by Dr. Rubis, and all questions you may have will be answered. If you are undergoing breast augmentation, you will have an opportunity to try on breast implants again to make your choice on size.

Day of Surgery

You will arrive at the surgical facility 1-1½ hours prior to your procedure. During that time, the staff will be getting you ready, your anesthesiologist will visit with you, and Dr. Rubis will be in to see you and answer any last minute questions. You are welcome to have a friend or family member with you while you are waiting in the preoperative area. When your procedure is over, Dr. Rubis will locate your friend or loved one to update them on your recovery. After your recovery time, you will be discharged home. We encourage patients to relax at home the first day of their recovery. We see most patients the next day for the first follow up appointment to evaluate healing, medication effectiveness, and to answer any questions or concerns.

Follow Up Appointments

All follow up appointments are included in the cost of your procedure, and are very important to attend. There are many instructions we provide during your follow up appointments, as well as there are things we are monitoring for proper healing. We want our patients to feel as important on their last appointment as they do on their first.

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I just can’t express enough appreciation for all you have done. My experience and results are just beyond my expectations. I feel truly grateful and blessed to have found you. Thank you again for your compassion and care!